Presse | Dc Super Heroes
La célèbre exposition LEGO® des Super-Héros enfin à Paris ! Destinée aux fans et à toute la famille. Découvrez les sculptures gigantesques de Nathan Savayan inspirées de l’univers DC Comics : Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Le Joker… Décors immersifs et d’animations pour petits et grands : préparez-vous à réveiller le super-héros qui sommeille en vous !
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Billetterie The Art of the Brick : DC Super Heroes Paris


“Having spent many an afternoon trying to create something more elaborate than a LEGO® house I was in awe of the skill and talent that had gone into the creations. My boys were equally impressed and loved seeing all of their favourite superheroes in one place. Each room got bigger and better. I thought the superman room couldn’t be topped until we walked into the Batman room complete with a life size Batman and Batmobile all made of LEGO!”

Ella’s List, Sydney Australia

“If you are like me and have never ventured off to a LEGO exhibition before be prepared to sweep aside all of your preconceived notions of what you think it will be like. For starters, it is probably going to be bigger than you expect. I thought the whole thing would be in one large room that we would roam around. Nope, the exhibit is actually spread across a series of galleries that capture the feel of that particular room. Think you know all the DC Comics Superheroes and Super-Villians? You are probably going to be surprised. The kids used the exhibit to educate ME about the evolution of some of my favourite superheroes. Who knew Robin (Batman’s sidekick) later became Nightwing!...”

The Kid’s Bucket List, Sydney Australia

“There are only a handful of themes which truly stand the test of time. The kind of things shared between generations; dancing across language barriers; appreciated by any child, anywhere, anytime. LEGO is definitely one. DC characters are absolutely there. Art is certainly there.
And then whoa! You have someone like Nathan Sawaya combining all three?!? Welcome to the Art of the Brick: DC Comics. Prepare to be joyfully stunned.”

Geek Dad, Sydney Australia

…The exhibition was ridiculously good and I was amazed at the scale, the detail and also the creativity (and likely man hours put into creating these items) – all from LEGO. There were a few “WOW” moments in there from both myself and also seeing the big and little’s faces when they were met with seeing these was pretty cool. If you’ve an opportunity to go and see this, it will be the best $26 you will spend…

‘Creative Little Soul’, Sydney Australia